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East India Company v1.06 *UPDATE*

East India Company v1.06 *UPDATE*
Genre: Strategiespiele
Plattform: PC Spiele
Eintragsdatum: 20.08.2009
Eingetragen von: Titan Angel
Version 1.06


- Ship starting spots have been changed in battles. Ships now start further apart.
- The winners of the Commander competition have been added to commander
- Check for update now informs if a patch is not available
- Ship movement has been improved
- Ships now always surrender with zero morale
- Ship masts will fall only when mast hitpoints go under 10 %
- Crew morale will go down when masts fall
- Ships with masts down won't try to flee anymore
- Cannons will get destroyed more easily

Bug Fixes:

- Problems with some graphics cards fixed
- Problem with special characters in Windows User Name fixed
- Problem with game sometimes freezing in battle end fixed
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download 100Mbit/s East India Company v1.06 *UPDATE* 14,97 MB
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